HLAA Awards & Recognition

HLAA 2012 Awards Receipients

HLAA Awards honor people and organizations that have contributed to HLAA’s success and moved the HLAA mission forward. They also showcase best practices of HLAA Chapters and State organizations. Listed here are the recipients (in alphabetical order by last name or organization name), and the name of the award they received.

  • Albuquerque Chapter, NM (Get In The Hearing Loop Campaign Award)
  • Amy Bopp, MD (Spirit of HLAA Award)
  • Brown University, RI (National Access Award)
  • Florence Butler, NY (Spirit of HLAA Award)
  • Diablo Valley Chapter, CA (Community Service Award – Honorable Mention)
  • Katharine B. Evans, UT (Spirit of HLAA Award)
  • The Faye Donalson Hearing Helpers Demonstration Room/Oklahoma City Chapter, OK (Community Service Award)
  • Stephen O. Frazier, NM (President’s Award)
  • Carol Granaldi, NJ (Spirit of HLAA Award)
  • Grand Rapids Chapter, MI; Juli Wiseman, Webmaster (Chapter Website Award)
  • Hartford Chapter, CT (Walk4Hearing Award; Honorable Mention, Community Service Award )
  • Hearing Loss Association of California, Rhianon Gutierrez, Webmaster (State Website Award – Honorable Mention)
  • Jean Haynes, KY (Family Involvement Award)
  • Patricia Kricos, Ph.D., FL (President’s Award)
  • Tram Lai, MA (Outstanding Young Adult Award)
  • Bea Lyons, TN (Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award)
  • Manhattan Chapter, NY; News & Views, Jane Seifert, Editor (Chapter Newsletter Award)
  • Manhattan Chapter, NY (Get In The Hearing Loop Campaign Award)
  • Judy G. Martin, FL (Keystone Award)
  • Rose Aird Minette, TX (Service Award)
  • David G. Myers, Ph.D., MI (Walter T. Ridder Award)
  • Napa Valley Chapter, CA; Jeannine Scott, Editor (Chapter Newsletter Award)
  • Arlene Romoff, NJ (Marcia Dugan Chapter/State Advocacy Award)
  • Sarasota Chapter, FL (Get In The Hearing Loop Campaign Award)
  • Kay Tyberg, PA (Spirit of HLAA Award)